Connect Groups

Connect groups are a great way to get together with other people in your area, study the word, have discussion times and pray for each other. There are several groups running at different locations fortnightly, throughout the school term.

Pavin and Samuel (Magnify Church)

Fortnightly Thursdays @ 7:30pm

(Alternative weeks to Community Dinner) txt 0210674995 for more info

Allan and Sue (Inland Rd)

Fortnightly Thursdays @ 7pm

(Alternate weeks to Community Dinner) txt Allan on 0274815620 for more info.

Tim and Sharon (Helensville)

Fortnightly Thursdays @ 7pm

(Alternative to Community Dinner) txt Tim at 0274600040 for more info

Niki & Julian (Helensville)

Fortnightly Thursdays @7pm

(Alternate weeks to Community Dinner) txt Niki 0272059573 for more info

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